The Health Co alongside Zara Hovelsas (aka Superswede2.0) together created The Vegains Co; a 100% vegan meal plan to help people wishing to transition or adhere to a healthier and kinder lifestyle, for themselves and the planet.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a wide variety of healthy high protein plant-based meals daily, making a vegan lifestyle easy and obtainable for even the busiest of people. We take care of your full nutritional needs so that you can focus on life.

Our vegan meat substitutes are homemade, such as our different variations of high protein seitan & tempeh alongside the classics like tofu.
The plan is made up of five meals per day which includes two healthy snacks, delivered fresh every morning, 5 days a week.
Our food is prepared daily with the highest quality of fresh ingredients purchased specifically according to our clients preferred choices, so that nothing goes to waste.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the macros and calories are fit for their individual fitness levels and lifestyle requirements.
To work in line with our vegan values we have gone to great lengths to be sure that our concept is completely eco-friendly.
We are committed to using only environmentally friendly packaging and are constantly striving to produce less waste.

The Vegains Co, we are here for you, for the animals and for the planet.


We understand the importance of a well-balanced diet, and to further support your health journey, our in-house nutritionist is here to offer you personalized advice, answer your nutrition-related questions, and help you make informed choices while building the right plan for your goals.


If your goal is to have a high protein diet, the Add-On is perfect for you!

Protein shakes and freshly squeezed juices offer several benefits, especially for individuals who have specific fitness goals, dietary needs, or lifestyles. 

The Vegains Co. Add-On include the following:

– Protein Shake

– Freshly Squeezed Juices

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